WP Social Avatar

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to use the social profile picture as your WordPress Avatar.

Why this plugin?

If you are me, who gets bore of using the same gravatar for few days or months then this plugin is totally for you.
This plugin provides option to the user to use Social media like Facebook and Google plus profile pictures as the gravatar instead of the one from en.gravatar.com.

WP Social Avatar Settings:

After activating the plugin admin will see WP Avatar, under Users menu. Here the admin can set the minimum role/capabilities required to avail this feature.


The allowed users will see the available options in their Your Profile sub menu under Users menu.

Profile Options

For the first version I only have two social options available, Facebook and Google plus. You need to add either the Facebook handle like mine is maruti.mohanty or Google plus id like mine is 104852475872564383886 in the corresponding fields.

Once done with the above, check the social profile picture you want to use as the gravatar and click Update Profile and you are done.

After saving the profile you can see all the gravatars in the site has been replaced by the respective social media profile picture.

With this you will get rid of the boredom of looking at the same gravatar all the time. With the change in the respective social media profile picture, the gravatar of your site will also change.

With Version 1.4 Cache functionality is implemented for Google Plus avatar, this optimizes the functionality. I have added a clear cache button for Google plus, anytime you upload a new profile picture in your Google Plus account click the “clear cache” button and you will get the latest image else the code will make a request and pull the latest image after every 48 hours. This has been done to make the Google Plus functionality faster.

Download the plugin from WordPress.org

Happy WordPressing πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “WP Social Avatar

  1. I’m not able to get the G+ avatar working. I’d like to write about the plugin but can’t do it without both working. Facebook works fine for me. I’m testing from a local installation. Does it default to gravatar when you uninstall it? Also, it appears that it is not compatible with BuddyPress – just a sidenote.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for reviewing. I too see the issue and checked the google plus support and found that they are no more supporting the method I have used to fetch the profile image. I will work on it and fix it in few days.

      I will let you know once this is fixed and hope (fingercrossed) you will still be eager to write about it then.

      About the other question, yes it goes to the default gravatar when the plugin is uninstalled.

      For now, I only have this plugin for Google plus and Facebook but others like Twitter and linkedIn are also in line.

      I will look into the compatibility of this plugin with the BuddyPress and will make it compatibile on future updates.


      1. Thanks for your reply! I’d be happy to review it on WP Tavern once the issues are resolved and I hear back from you. Keep me in the loop on your progress!

  2. Hey, Maruti im wondering is there a way to shortcode this plugin. i would like to include these fields on the front end for my users instead of the backend. Am i missing something here or can you quickly assist me in how to do this.. AWSOME plugin bro. Please you can email me at thiinkbox@gmail.com Cheers!

    1. Hey Bladimir, thanks for the appreciation, glad you liked the plugin.

      To answer your query, no you are not missing anything here. This plugin is meant to be in the admin section.

      I will take this as a suggestion and add to my to do list for the enhancements of this plugin and will surely keep you updated about the same.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

    2. I figured it out. its using a meta called wp_fb_profile. Thanks man, Is there anyway to input better quality in image.. it seems to display the image very blurry. Also any plans in implementing additional social medias such as pinterest, twitter and about.me etc?..

      1. Yes, it is using the user_meta to save the info and I am glad you have find a way.

        I would be needing more info, before I can lend help to you. You can always mail me details like a link to the site at marutimohanty89@gmail.com.

        And about the last part, yes I am looking for implementing other social medias too πŸ™‚

  3. Cheers maruti i decided to be nosey and i think i managed to increase the quality on the avatar image. line.159 wp-avatar.php

    i changed the line to this.
    $fb = ‘https://graph.facebook.com/’ . $wp_fb_profile . ‘/picture?width=’. “200” . ‘&height=’ . “200”;

    That instantly made the image more clear and crisp.

    Cheers man and keep me updated as soon as an update comes around! Take care and thanks for the fast replies bro.

  4. Hi Maruti,

    Thanks for the great plugin. The facebook profile picture worked fine but I was unable to get the G+ profile photo. Can you please look into this?


    1. Hi Noumaan,

      Thanks for the appreciation and Can you send me the details about the issue you are facing with the plugin. I just checked it again with the latest WP and plugin setup and everything works for me

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